About Me

I am Juliet, a dressage rider from Tirau, New Zealand. I am very passionate about my sport and LOVE it! I have a 9 year old Connemara/Irish sport horse whose name is TF Ailbhe Mac Brennan. He is a lot a fun and we really enjoy getting out and about.

I like to use good quality grooming products that are good for my horse that work, use good quality horse gear that doesn't cost a fortune and feed supplements that work. Sometimes I haven't been able to find what I want in New Zealand so have looked further afield.  I have been inspired to see what horse and rider gear I can bring to New Zealand or find in New Zealand and share with you.

Check out the brands page to see what brands are on offer. The Vivant Equi collection is ever growing!

I understand the need for quality, affordable horse and rider gear, grooming products and supplements that work therefore have created Vivant Equi for people like you and I.

Vivant Equi is proud to be able to support local events in the form of sponsorship.

Welcome to my site, any questions please get in touch.

Photo credit Rachel Stringfellow