1. Why is the shipping on some items more expensive than other items?

Courier Post require liquids to be packaged in boxes with packing. If the item is not packaged in this way and gets damaged, they will not compensate for the cost of the item. 

2. If I purchase something that doesn't fit, or wasn't right for me can I return it?

You certainly can! Provided the item is in it's original used state. You are responsible for the return postage charge. I can send you or order you a different size or refund you, which ever you prefer. The exception to this is the Ruggles Rugs due to the cost of freight charges for these items. There is a measurement chart on the Ruggles product pages that shows you how to measure to ensure the correct fit. When it comes to Ruggles Rugs, bigger is better. They are very adjustable at the front so horses will fit a larger size than what you would normally buy just fine. 

3. When will my order be sent?

If your order is made before 8:30pm on weekdays excluding Friday, 99% of the time it will be on the courier the next morning. The only exception would be if I happen to be out of an evening which doesn't happen often. Orders made on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be on the courier on Monday morning as this is the next available collection day. Keep your eye on your inbox for your shipping conformation email and tracking details