Paetai Cottage Purple Horse Whitening Soap

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This bar of magic works just the same as purple shampoo, but without the wastage of all that expensive shampoo dropping onto the ground!

Foams up into a beautiful purple lather, leaving white socks and other white parts of your horse sparkling white.

No plastic, no harsh chemicals. A nourishing soap that won't strip the natural oils from your horse's coat.

A handmade cold process soap with the goodness of glycerin! No palm oil, no petrochemicals, no plastic, no waste!

Contains essential oils of lavender (for calming), rosemary (skin soothing) and lemon (whitening).

Remove the worst of the dirt first with the Paetai Cottage Pooch and Pony Soap

Team with a Vivant Equi Soap Bag to prolong the life of your soap and make it easier to use

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