Tarrago Colour Dye

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Rejuvenate the white padding on your bridle and have it looking like new again! 

Even change the colour of the padding on your bridle, halter or whatever leather or canvas item you like.

Tarrago Color Dye is a water-based color dye specially formulated to dye or change the color of smooth leather, synthetic leather and canvas shoes and garments. It also repairs scuffs, scratches and other little defects. Its high covering capacity allows for changing to and from any color, even from black to white. Its finish is resistant to friction and cracking. With a shiny finish, no polishing is required after application. Fast drying time.

Wide range of colours available other colours available on request.

If dye ends up where you don't want it, wipe it off with a damp cloth IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT let it dry. Masking is recommended to ensure the dye only goes where you want it to.

Thoroughly clean the area to be dyed first using a cleaning product that does not contain any conditioning agent, for example glycerin. A conditioning agent will effect the effectiveness of the dye. A product like Carr & Day & Martin Tack Cleaner Spray would be suitable. Ensure it is completely dry and free from an cleaning product before starting. 

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