Vivant Equi Mosquito Zapper Lamp

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Mosquito must be the most annoying things that think the best time to visit is when you are sleeping and wake you up!

Now you can do something about it without worrying about using harmful sprays.

The Vivant Equi Mosquito Zapper Lamp is rechargeable with a built in battery. Charge with anything with a USB port. Laptop, power bank, car charger, power adaptor, etc. No power needed to run! Perfect for the horse truck, float, or outside while you are socializing at a show. Use at home in your bedroom at night, in any room where mosquitos try and eat you, or around the BBQ. Will run for about 8 - 12 hours on a charge depending on the insect kill rate and whether the lamp feature is used. 

The mosquito zapper has a hook on the top so you can hang it anywhere or sit it upside down as a camp light as the unit also features a white light lamp, soft white light or red strobe light which can be operated independently of the zapper. 

The zapper has an unobtrusive UV style light, which attracts the bugs. The bugs fly through the guard and into the grid which either kills them instantly or stuns them. 

Waterproof to rain, not submergible. 

Brush for cleaning inner wires included under the top lid with the hook on.

Red light when charging, blue light when fully charged. Can run while attached to a power source. 

Measures approximately 13cm high and 7.5cm wide

Before charging for the first time, remove the grey top with the hook on, unscrew the grey cap and remove the white protective disc from the top of the battery. If this disc is left in place, the battery will not charge.

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